Chez Marcel (on going)



Standing on the top of her hill, she hears them singing, laughing, dancing until late at night. And then in the morning, she sees them working to make her more beautiful, to help her face the winter. She also hears their quarrels and sometimes wipes away their tears. But it is the joys that have passed by that she wants to remember.
On the heights of Briançon, in Puy Saint Pierre, begins the story of this house, Chez Marcel.

Chez Marcel is a happy epic, a place where differences no longer exist, no skin color, no borders. I want to narrate the daily life of the people who pass through Chez Marcel: a house run by a few refugees who have no place to stay after crossing the Montgenèvre pass.

Through photography and writing, I take a soft and poetic look at the refugees who live in this house. I capture their insouciance and spontaneity, their vitality and our wanderings. The result is emotions transmitted by the bodies, bodies anchored in a landscape, a place.
The poetry of a place is such that we live it internally, the body is enveloped in it. We are the place we live in.